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Pure Techno is a London based Limited Company that is actively involved in the organization of festivals and providing the latest technology devices and healthy and natural food to the visitors. The organized festival itself is named after the company, “Pure Techno” and the festival is organized with the sole aim of bringing people together to enjoy the latest technological devices, delicious food and provide the guests with the best entertainment experience ever.

Technology has come to shape the world and a lot of people would love to be among people who are also lovers of technology which is the driver of the modern world. Spending a quality time among people who are also fun lovers is all most people need and this is what we have come to offer. Aside the opportunity to interact with the latest technological devices, we have also concluded plans to carry our guests along by offering them tasty meal. It is most likely that with this, they even want the festival to hold every day.

We are committed to ensuring that our diverse range of activities translates into a coherent business plan that brings together all our partners and stakeholders. For example, our festival has the potential to offer data that can inform technology companies and exhibitors on how a generation of technology devices consumers are behaving and what they value; whilst participation and engagement opportunities enable us to stimulate the appetite of those who would just be attracted by the mere opportunity to share a meal with other people in a friendly environment, signposting pathways to further social engagement; offering hands-on quality festival experience and improving their social participation.


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